World 8: Fort EntreeEdit


  • Space Onyon
  • Bunny Carrotie (rare)
  • Radio Wave Eggplanter (rare)
  • Star Turnippie (rare)
  • Fat Spinachette
  • Bamboo Shoo Soldier
  • Space Funguy
  • Mad Pumpedkin (rare)
  • Circus Peppery (rare)
  • Star Nutty (rare)
  • Clown Strawbie (rare)
  • Baron Cantaloopie
  • Space Peachy (rare)
  • Chocolatte (rare)
  • White Chocolatte
  • Mellonne (rare)
  • Cactalius (rare)
  • Sea Ur-Chin (rare)
  • Red Cabbabbage (rare)
  • Zombie Watermellonne (rare)
  • Parfait Knight (rare)
  • Guard Radishdish (rare)
  • Brocco-Lee (rare)
  • Great Grapy (rare)
  • Big Fishy (rare)
  • Heli-Cantaloopie (rare)
  • Mushroom Thriller (rare)
  • Big Choco (rare)
  • Rice Baller (rare)
  • King Pumpkin (rare)

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