Gameplay Edit

The main storyline of The Munchables is the invasion of food-shaped monsters called Tabemon on the peaceful planet of Star Ving. The Munchables see the resemblance between food and Tabemon and start eating them, as they have nearly endless stomachs. There are eight bosses you must face in gameplay, called Brocco-Lee, Great Grapy, Big Fishy, Heli-Cantaloopie, Mushroom Thriller, Big Choco, Rice Baller, and King Pumpkin. There are eight islands on Star Ving, connected by rainbows. Each world hosts its own boss and enemies. An example of some of the weaker enemies is Onyon, Eggplanter, and Carrotie. An example of some stronger ones are White Chocolatte and Circus Peppery. When you complete the gameplay you may do it in Mirror Mode, which is a timed version of the game, and unlock a new character, Robo.